Are You Interested In:

  • Feeling healthy and improving the quality of your life?
  • Sleeping through the night again?
  • Losing weight?
  • Seeing how your life change if that fear of heights or snakes or spiders were gone?
  • Going through your entire day feeling calm and in control?

Welcome to Empower Hypnosis and congratulations on your decision to make some changes now.

Since 1998 I have had the privilege of helping people in the Ithaca area live happier and more productive lives.

For some this has meant significantly reducing the pain they had been living with, sometimes for years.

For others it has meant improving their performance in the classroom, on the stage, on the golf course, on the tennis or squash court, in the water, or on the archery range.

For yet others it has meant enhancing their spirituality and sense of connection with a higher power.

Of course, in the years since 1998 there have been many Empower clients who have quit smoking and lost weight; who have learned better ways of coping with stress in their life; who have become more creative problem solvers; and who now are much more comfortable around snakes, spiders, needles, and heights.

It has been a pleasure working with all these people to help them achieve their goals and I look forward to helping you too.

Have questions? Here are answers to some common questions.